Designwave helps your business reach the people that matter, through the use of strong branding, online web/marketing tools and great looking designs that build trust with your customers.

Founded in 2004 by Adri Claassens and Nicholas de Bruyne in a time when dinosaurs still used flip phones and no one knew what a selfie was yet, Designwave hit the local design industry with the goal of expressing creativity, enjoying fun and honest client relationships and last but not least, paying the bills.

“People shouldn’t judge books by their covers, but they do”

But those iPhones did eventually come and so too did the Facebooks and the Twitters of the world… and yet still, Designwave remains, constantly evolving and moving, combining modern technologies and traditional methods to deliver powerful and creative products and services to our family of happy clients both old and new.

People shouldn’t judge books by their covers but they do…and that’s why we are here to guarantee that you and your company get slick, professional looking design services to help you hold your business up proudly and say “This is who we are and what we stand for”.

We look forward to joining you on your adventure.